Dig into Fall

Fall is for Planting

Fall, the second Spring

A fall gardening Check list


Cutback times on watering but water deeply (2-3 X week in winter)

Extra attention to watering evergreens and new plantings

Insect/Disease Prevention

Clean debris under shrubs, perennials, roses, etc.  to prevent unwanted pests from over wintering

Check for bores and other insect damage and treat


Remove dead or faded summer annuals

Wash out unused containers & put away for the season

Plant cool season annuals

Bring inside tender container plants

Check for insects

Wash off plants


Mulch in spring and fall

Spread 2”-3” of compost or mulch under plants


Remove any dead branches or limbs

Prune Perennials end of February or early March

Prune Woodies in December or January

Prune Roses in April


Clean up weeds and debris so pests don’t over winter

Fall is for planting!

Fall is a great time to plant

It’s nice to be outside

80% of plant’s root growth occurs in late summer and fall (number of days between spring and heat of summer is too short for plants to establish deep roots before heat sets in)

The moisture we get in July and August helps plants

Plants installed in the fall don’t suffer from spring transplant shock and will grow rapidly in the spring for bigger, better display of color in spring

Roots of perennials will continue to grow if soil temperature above 50 degrees

What to plant in the fall?


For less work and more show plant naturalized or perennial bulbs.

Tulip tarda, muscari, daffodils, alliums and crocus

Plant bulbs after first light frost

Layer bulbs for a better show – large bulbs on bottom and smaller ones on top!

Plant for fall color

Plant late summer/fall blooming perennials: New Mexico Sunflowers, Furman’s Red Texas Sage, Beebalm (Monarda), scutellaria, Asters, Goldenrod (Solidago), Sedums, Agastache and grasses to name a few

Plant native shrubs and trees

Honeysuckle, Rabbit bush (Chamisa) and New Mexico Privet for example

Get plants into the ground 6 weeks or so before first hard frost

Plant with good compost and balanced fertilizer like Yum Yum (especially for native and xeric plants)

Plant for Pollinators

Plant for garden habitat (plants that bloom early in spring and late into fall)

Provide nectar and pollen for migrating monarchs and hummingbirds

Seeds and fruits for songbirds

Nectar and pollen for butterflies, native bees, honey bees and bumblebees

Good Pollinator Plants

New Mexico Sunflowers, Asters, Yarrow, Golden Rod, Echinacea, Agastache, Salvia numerosa, and Zauschneria

One of the best plants for fall is grasses.  They look their best in the fall, are a food source and offer protection for small animals

Best planted in the Fall

Fall is the best time to plant Milkweed as it does not transplant well in spring

Oriental poppies are best planted in the fall – they need the cold winter temps to bloom in the spring

What not to plant in the fall

Plants that are marginal in your zone (like perennial verbena)

Yuccas, cacti and agaves are better planted in the spring

Some shrubs like Crepe Myrtle, Photina and Nandina do better planted in Spring

Herb Container Garden

As the temperatures rise we feel less inclined to spend time in the hot sun but want to enjoy the pleasure of the garden.  That’s when container gardens, hanging baskets and potted plants become super heroes. The key to their popularity is flexibility. Here are a few ideas for container gardens.


KITCHEN GARDENS –  *Herb Gardens with assorted herbs will be the chefs best friend. Just  snip as needed and add  to your favorite recipes for gourmet flair.

*Plant cocktail tomatoes, cilantro and peppers for a fresh Salsa Garden.

 Cocktail Mints are the new rage to add summer freshness to your favorite adult beverage like a Rum Mojito or combined with fruit slices to create a delicious Spa Water or Iced Tea.

 CACTUS GARDEN --  *Cactus Garden with assorted succulents adds great texture to the garden and southwest flair for the patio. These plants are water-wise and low maintenance.

 FANTASTIC FLORALS   *Whether used in patio containers or hanging baskets Perennial  Delights has a wide variety of pre-planted floral containers and             baskets. The vivid color and fragrance are not only beautiful, they attract pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies.

NEW THIS YEAR  *Scented Geraniums have a wide variety of colorful blossoms and amazing scented leaves. Place a lemon-citron scented geranium on a table top or hang near a gathering place and it will deter mosquitos.
Perennial Delights has eight varieties of scented geraniums.

Perennial Delights has a wide variety of native plants that will thrive in hot temperatures and require minimal water. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

 TREES:   Desert Willow –Orchid like flowers that are a favorite of hummingbirds.

Oklahoma Redbud – Purple flowers that blooms early.

Desert Olive/New Mexico Privet – Can be pruned to be a nice accent tree.

 VINES:  Trumpet Vines are a hummingbird favorite with bright orange, yellow or pink blooms.

Silverlace fast growing with delicate white blossoms that are loved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

Coral Honeysuckle -  Beautiful colorful blossoms that contract dark green leaves. Also popular with pollinators.

SUN LOVERS:Agastache – Also known as Hummingbird Mint has orange to pinkish red blossoms.

Yarrow – Nectar for butterflies and birds with a wide color range from yellow to red.

 Lavender – Needs good drainage and comes in a wide variety, most of which are extremely  fragrant.

This is a small sampling of the wide assortment of plants that we grow ourselves. Next time you’re in the Village of Corrales we encourage you to stop by 3871 Corrales Road and tour our greenhouses. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make the most of your garden and help you enjoy your summer.

Floral Hanging Basket

Perennial Delights will open for our sixth season.

Featuring locally grown annuals, herbs, veggies and as the name says, perennials.We also have a selection of roses and shrubs - xeric and native. Stop at our plant stand on Corrales Road for a quick in and out purchase or drive back to the greenhouses for a stroll through our more than 200 varieties of perennials and more. Try something new this year like scented geranium for the patio or cocktail mint (think mojitos) or a new perennial container garden. We would be happy to help you with your gardening questions.

See you soon!

What to Plant and When

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